Full Stack Developer

Company Name: Adgo

Japanese Level: None


We’re looking for developers who are confident they fit our team. We could list some requirements and skills that are required, but we believe that will dissuade more people than it attracts. Let us tell you about ourselves, and we’ll let you decide whether you think you can make a great addition to our team.

Our programming languages of choice are Javascript and Python. We’re using Javascript on both the front- and backend. Our frontend applications utilise 3rd party libraries such as React and SASS. Our backend applications are built with frameworks such as Node.js, Django and Flask. Our data is stored across several technologies, but mainly Postgres, MongoDB and Redis. We’re not confined to these technologies, but we want to make sure that we use the right tool for the job. This sometimes means a tool we have experience with, and sometimes a tool that none of us has used before. Our product is constantly evolving, and we deploy updates on a daily basis. Our deployments are automated, and all of our code is tested and reviewed before it’s merged into our upstream repositories. We don’t ask for you to be fluent in our entire stack, but we require you to have an open mind and learn about the tools you’re working with.

On the project management side of things we started with Scrum, but switched to kanban. It can be chaotic, but all of our processes are documented and well established. These processes are written with pencil, not carved in stone, and we’ve changed them more than once, and will continue to do so in the future. We place importance on consistency, but never at the cost of productivity. That’s a sign the process is broken and needs to change.

Our team speaks mainly English, and is made up of 6 different nationalities, including Japanese, Canadian, Irish and Dutch.

If this sounds like an environment you’d love to work in because you have the experience, or because you feel like you can help us grow to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.