Rails & React/React Native

Company Name: Tacchi Studios

Japanese Level: Fluent


We’re always looking for freelance and/or full-time Ruby on Rails or React/React Native developers to help us with our client projects. If you’d like to be added to our list of go-to developers to call on, please get in touch with some examples of the work you have done and your day rate in yen


For Ruby on Rails developers, we expect you to be experienced with unit testing, API creation, Postgres, common gems such as devise, carrierwave, kaminari, webpacker etc. You should have some experience of working with Heroku or other PaaS. Knowledge of GraphQL is a nice plus.

For React developers, we expect you have experience with Redux and/or Relay (or Apollo) as well as other React ecosystem libraries.

For React Native developers, we expect to see projects that do not use Expo (either have ejected or were build from the start without), use at least one of the main navigation libraries (react-navigation, react-native-navigation etc), Redux and/or Relay (or Apollo) etc.